Clas Regional Day, Chichester 2015

mosaic3 mosaic2 mosaic1

The mosaic of capitals. Number 2 by Jan Sambell was voted the most popular

dempicketts demjanpickett3 demjanpickett janpickett

Demonstration of decorated letters and rubber stamps by Jan Pickett

e_pickett pickett

Some more letters from Jan Pickett

demmarynoble demjannoble

Demonstration of brush lettering with Mary Noble

dembookbinding2 dembookbinding bookchichester demletters

Other demonstrations – bookbinding and letter carving


book made by Mariette Hardman on the day

sussexpebbles sselection

tinaWarren sarahIngrey nicolasmith

works by Tina Warren, Sarah Ingrey and Nicola Smith

summergrass lyndaMarsh ireneWillard

works by Janice Simmonds, Lynda Marsh and Irene Willard

jeanaston cathyStables caroleBailey

works by Jean Aston, Cathy Stables and Carole Bailey

thomasmore spokenwords sinqueports

works from members of other groups in the South of England

shakespeare rebeccaOsborne postcard

pensword alphabet

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