Previous Workshops

Colour and Texture 2 with Jan Mehigan

The Spirit of David Jones with Gerald Mynott, May 2019

Modern Gothic with Julia Baxter, March 2019

Certificate of Colour 1 with Mary Noble, February 2019


Pointed Pen Uncials with Veiko Kespersaks, January 2019

Embossing with Extra Pizazz, Jan Pickett October 2018

Collector’s Piece with Helen Gibbs, August 2018


Italics with Gaynor Goffe,  July 2018


Legende with Nancy Ouchida-Howells,  June 2018

Alternative Calligraphy with Tina Warren, May 2018


Batarde with Gerald Mynott, March 2018

CLAS Certificate of Skills Part 4 with Josie Brown

Gilding Without Gesso with Cathy Stables, January 2018

Contemporary Cursive with Veiko Kespersaks, November 2017

CLAS Certificate in Traditional Skills Part 3, October 2017


Sewing Pages – Bookbinding Workshop with Helen Gibbs, August 2017


Beyond the Literal Letter with Rachel Yallop, July 2017

CLAS Certificate in Traditional Skills Part 2, June 2017

Brush Lettering with Mary Noble, May 2017

Uncials with Gaynor Goffe, March 2017


CLAS Certificate in Traditional Skills Part1, February 2017


Spencerian with James Farrell, January 2017

spence2 spenc7 spenc6

Copperplate with Joy Daniels, November 2016

joy3 copper6 copper1

Black letter, White Space with Lin Kerr, October 15th, 2016

linkerr1 linnkerr3 linnkerr2

Pages, Pleats and Perforations with Helen Gibbs, July 16th 2016

poppy mariette irene

Welter of Watercolour with Jan Pickett,  June 18th 2016

welter5 welter2 welter3

More Illuminated Letters with Jan Mehigan, May 21st 2016

Jmpatti whitevineR jm7Dianne

Mark Making and Design with Gerald Mynott,  March 19th 2016

IMG_1621 IMG_1622 IMG_1632

From Formal To Free with Mary Noble January 2016

formalfreedemo formalfreehappiness formalfree8

Printing Christmas Cards with Mary Kay Stephens November 2015

Maryprint1 maryprint4 maryprint5

CLAS Certificate of Skills with Gaynor Goffe Part 3 Versals

clas3c clas3b clas3f

Calligraphic Knitting with Sue Smith,  July 2015

IMG_1172 IMG_1187 IMG_1197

CLAS Certificate of Skills with Gaynor Goffe Part 2 Old Roman Cursive

clas2_suzi clas2_suzi2

Design and How to Put Words Down with Josie Brown, May 2015


Card Making Workshop with Sylvie Gokulsking, March 2015

IMG_0164 cardG

CLAS Certificate of Skills with Gaynor Goffe Part 1 Roman Majuscules

clas12 clas16

Illumination and Exciting Letters with Jan Mehigan

M-mehigan G_mehigan jan_mehigan

Fantastic Foldies for Christmas with Jan Pickett


Copperplate Weekend with Eleanor Winters

copperplate copperplate3

Ruling Pen with Betina Naab, September 2014

IMG_0531 IMG_0530 betina2

Pressure and Release with Marion McKenzie

IMG_9034  IMG_9025 copy IMG_9023

Capitals with Gaynor Goffe,  June 2014

IMG_0060  IMG_8935  IMG_8946

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